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MPB-1 Plastigage - Clevite 77 - Pack 12

Plastigage Blue .004"-.009" (.01 -.23mm) - Pack 12
Manufacturer: Mahle Original
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Manufacturer part number: MPB-1
GTIN: 027067625748


Plastigage MPB1 - Factory Pack of 12 Gage Strips (Blue)

Gauge measures ranges from 0.004in to 0.009in

Gauge measures metric ranges from 0.010mm to 0.230mm


Clevite 77 Plastigage was designed to be a final check of total vertical oil clearance during reassembly. It is not meant to be a replacement for properly measuring crankshaft journals, housing bores, or bearing dimensions before engine reassembly with accurate micrometers and gauges. Plastigage is available in four different sizes to check total vertical oil clearance on connecting rods and main bearings. Each package has a measuring scale printed in inches and millimeters. The strips are color-coded for easy size identification and are soluble in oil. 

Available Colors/Sizes:

  • Green: .001"-.003" (.025 -.075mm) MPG-1
  • Red: .002"-.006" (.050 -.15mm) MPR-1
  • Blue: .004"-.009" (.10 -.23mm) MPB-1
  • Yellow: .009"-.020" (.23 -.50mm) MPY-1
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